We are grateful to the supporters of the American Foundation for their belief in what we do, and the ongoing promotion and interest they take in our museums and collections. This support has allowed us to aim high and be ambitious – resulting in the National Museum of Scotland being the most visited tourist attraction in Scotland in 2016.
- Dr Gordon Rintoul CBE, Director, National Museums Scotland

The American Foundation for National Museums Scotland helps to connect Scotland to the world and the world to Scotland. We are a U.S 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization assisting to reveal the stories behind the remarkable artefacts in Scotland’s national collections, making them accessible to millions of people every year.

National Museums Scotland cares for one of the largest and diverse collections in the world, with 12.4 million artefacts gathered over the course of two centuries. These artefacts showcase the full spectrum of human ingenuity, the natural world and the arts and sciences, along with the culture of Scotland and cultures from around the world. The American Foundation strives to assist in making sure these artefacts can continue to be explored, debated and celebrated – now, and well into the future.

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